meadow green

hi if you need a website and a logo and like a brand or something and someone to write cool things about that brand then please turn around & run away there’s nothing to see here but if you have ideas so big they’re bigger than you and if you’d rather stay in 2020 for the rest of your life than give up on your world–changing vision let’s talk you see there’s nothing remotely perfect about what meadow green does when humans do stuff for humans that do stuff for other humans it’s connection that matters and like connection basically means hey you’re weird too just like me huh cool

we believe

in your crazy ideas and that there are no wrong ways and no right answers and that done's better than perfect and that to disagree is to respect and in brain plasticity and in idiosyncrasies and that smart words sometimes boost your street cred and that instinct is a friend and that to everything turn turn turn there is a season turn turn turn and a time to every purpose under heaven a time for more dots a time for less dots and also in beauty and in crazy high standards and in bold over safe and in zero bs when it comes to work

better futures

well where to start it's now easier for vegans to pick some p1 p1 p1 sustainable & clean vitamins and the trap kingdom can now rejoice with its pristine & radically fresh p1 p1 p1 king and all the fancypants in the world can now give these ocd–fueled meticulously–crafted kick–ass carthesian–ish p1 p1 p1 gifts –> soo explore cultus lab (photo credit roman cerny), listen to wraith, discover kartograf (shoutout to martin utikal) & sova (collab with lsdigital) and there's more to come because meadow green's 2022 & beyond fresh and let's face it by now you kind of like what you see because somehow you can't stop scrolling right

start here & now

it’s time for a change right so please say hi at meadow dot green and let’s take it from there and you can expect web design and development with soul and character and flaws (humans are like that) and branding that stands out but like in a good way and copywriting and content writing like this but less stupid and user experience design that won’t necessarily make life easier but def more interesting and fun and easter eggs and also ok graphic design and mostly boring art direction so once again the mail is hi at meadow dot green and what else yup smaller projects start at 10k usd slash eur & full–service works range from twenty to a hundred huh who likes to talk about pricing fyi meadow green is hiring freelancers so don’t be a stranger and good that’s it congrats you’ve reached the end no in fact not just yet if you've seen it all it's now safe for you to follow meadow green on instagram thank you have a relatively nice day